Mangalica pork

The curly-haired Mangalica pig is a native Hungarian breed. A meat of unique qualities, Mangalica pork is used to craft Hungarian delicacies to a traditional recipe.

What makes Mangalica pork stand out?

Slowly fattened over as long as 18 months, the fleecy Mangalica pig can happily graze outside right though the winter. All that fresh air makes for stand-out pork: the key ingredient is time (and hair).

  • Succulent, finest quality pork
  • A rich source of healthy cholesterol
  • Mild flavour

The Mangalica Heritage

Hungary’s Mangalica pig breeding tradition dates back to circa 1833. Cosy in its distinctive curly blond or black fleecy coat, the Mangalica pig can graze outside even in harsh wintry conditions, which gives the meat its stand-out qualities. Mangalica breeding declined in the late 20th century due to the pigs’ demanding diet and small litter sizes of only eight piglets. While other pig breeds can reach slaughter weight in only three to six months, Mangalicas are fattened up for as long as 12 to 18 months. The unique appeal of Mangalica pork has been recently rediscovered by connoisseurs. This very special breed is now experiencing a foodie revival.